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Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, or any of the ideas or characters related to it. I do not own Marvel or any of its ideas or characters. I really wish I did though. I make no money from this writing. I really wish I did though.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic



    In the dark, endless void of space, beyond the most lifeless moon and most distant star, was a realm of silence and stone. Grey. Dead. Jagged mountains rose up into the airless sky, stabbing that great blackness like shards of glass. Above the world, a blood-red moon sat stagnant in the sky, casting its hateful glow on the landscape. Dead, dead, all grey and dead and filled with the loneliness that makes wolves look up at the moon every night and howl.

    "There can be no denying it: you are supreme."

    The ash-grey dust covering the world sat undisturbed from every horizon of that barren world to the next, save a pair of tracks, mixed and indistinct. The sole signs of life in a world that defied life.

    "Anything you wish to be, you are. Anything you wish, is." The voice, submissive and pandering, broke the silence, echoed in it. "Nothing in this universe dares challenge that claim."

    The tracks led up the side of the highest mountain, up, up to the mile-rough plateau at the very top. In a living world, a world of flowers and birds and babbling streams, not even the bravest flyer would dare the ascent. Yet to those without life, life was meaningless.

    "There be only one word to describe you."

    Two hundred yards away from that tallest of mountains, where there had once been a whole range of mountains tall enough to challenge it, there was no only a single word, miles high and miles long, carved from the rock itself.


    Two lone figures stood atop the plateau and observed the declaration of supreme power, one boastful and bowing grandly, the other silent and standing resolute.

    The bowing one, flames flickering ceaselessly in his mouth and covered in red scales from snout to tail, continued. "Within your grasp rests the infinite. Your majesty knows no bounds, save those that keep you locked in this Negative Zone and away from Earth; from home. We, your humble acolytes, have a means to return you. We ask only that you lead us with your divine presence."

    The other figure stood silent a moment, no breeze to stir its grey feathers. Then it lifted up one great clawed hand, the scepter clasped tight by it glowing yellow with power. At the earth heaved, a mighty rumbling filling the air as former mountain range imploded inwards, collapsing down until there remained no sign that it had ever been.

    A dark beak curled down into a cruel sneer. "You do not ask anything of your god, Loki. Just do what you will. Free me. Afterward, the world will be yours, the universe, mine.

    "And the ponies? What can they do… but BURN!"


    ~Elsewhere, eons and light years away~



    For many centuries this great metropolis, resting on the shore of Bridle Shores Bay to the southeast of Canterlot and Ponyville, has been a beacon of equine wealth and prosperity, a sign of their success as a nation and people. Manehattan's city limits stretched twice as large as Canterlot, and three times as large as Ponyville. Only cold Stalliongrad to the distant north was larger. Its gleaming skyscrapers tower above the ground, reaching the heights even of such great pegasus cities as Cloudsdale. A dedicated near-army of pegasi worked round the clock to keep the skies clear of the dust and smog that rose up from the thousands of cars speeding and swerving their way from one end of the city to the next. Their squealing tires, honking horns, and blaring alarms became an urban symphony that went from morning to evening and evening to morning. The streets ran like concrete veins through the body of the city, connecting every inch to every other inch, uniting its citizens.

    And what a citizenry it was! More diverse than any other city in Equestria, or in many other parts of the world, Manehattan served as home to ponies, horses, gryphons, minotaurs, zebras, diamond dogs, donkeys and mules, ibexes, bison, camels, and even the rare dragon. They all lived there, worked there, and forged the future of coming generations there. All nations came together in Manehattan.

    And so it was natural for a building to be built there; a building where representatives from all nations and peoples could come together and ensure a peaceful world. And a peaceful world they had succeeded in building, if not a friendly one.

    It follows, then, that it was only natural for those forces opposed to peace and friendship to also find a home in Manehattan…


    "…and in national news, Princess Galaxy will be celebrating her fourth year as the superhero Iron Mare next week. The armored adventurer made her debut four years ago at the Grand Galloping Gala in Canterlot, where she saved the lives of Princesses Celestia and Luna, as well as stopped a quite literally hostile takeover of her company.

    "Since then, Princess Galaxy has brought a revolution of science, medicine, and culture to Equestria, and the world. A dozen new charities care for the sick and helpless of the world, while in her own words, Princess Galaxy as Iron Mare has 'Privatized world peace'.

    "In other news, unicorn disappearances are on the-"

    Glory Belle turned off the TV, flopped down onto the couch, and looked at Galaxy sitting beside her. "You have never said that."

    Galaxy shrugged and turned the TV back on, flipping channels randomly until she came to MMTV (Mules, Music, and Television). The fine music of screeching guitars and a minotaur yelling into a microphone at four hundred percent volume filled the penthouse living room, shaking every piece of glass in the office. "Maybe. I don't know. I mean, the Iron Mare brand has probably, somewhere, I mean I don't read all the fine print. Or… any of it, really. I mean, it's just so tiny."

    Glory Belle huffed and grabbed the remote out of Galaxy's grip, turning the TV off again. "That's because it's the FINE print, and keeps you from getting sued and stuff."

    Sensing a lecture of some kind coming on, Galaxy stood up from the couch, walked around it, and trotted down the length of the office to the private bar at the other end, her hooves noiseless on the lush carpeting, metal support harness for her spine quiet as a well-oiled gear. She got herself a bottle of cider and then went over to the window. After a moment, Glory joined her there.

    It was a massive window, made of bullet-proof glass an inch thick, running the length of the room and providing a perfect view of three-quarters of Manehattan, all the way to the warehouse district and harbors on the other side of the city. She could even see the Statue of Liberty, the green-hued mare a gift to the city from Prance centuries ago. Just to Galaxy's left a sliding door led out onto a sun-bleached stone veranda topped with hammocks.

    Galaxy looked at her scarred reflection in the window, her gem eyes like two orbs of fiery red, and took a sip. The scars ringing her eyes, the half-Glasgow Grin, were as painful to look at as usual, so she focused her attention instead on the city. "You know, I really like this city. It's my kind of town. Lots of skyscrapers to fly between, a big ocean to try out my suit's in-development freeze guns, and best of all, plenty of regular people down on the streets and in the buildings to gawk at me in awe as I fly by."

    She glanced over her shoulder at the alleged business office behind her, which seemed more to her like her private apartment back in Canterlot than any other office she had been in before. "Even ArmEx's Manehattan branch is better. What's up with that?"

    Glory shot Galaxy a look. What do I look like, your personal assistant?"

    Galaxy looked back at her. "Well, you hang around me and take care of the boring stuff like on-ow!" Galaxy rubbed at the red hoofprint on her shoulder where her fellow unicorn had punched her. "I was kidding, I was kidding. Yeesh. Ow, you really pack some strength into those slender legs of yours, you know that?"

    For some reason Galaxy didn't know, Glory blanched at this statement and took a subtle step back. Before Galaxy could comment on this though, the green-eyed unicorn had pulled a small notepad out from somewhere and was flipping through it. "Er… anyway, your secretary called earlier to tell you Bray, that donkey from Germaney, won't be able to make it today. He said something urgent came up."

    "Excellent, I hope everything goes well for him!" Galaxy left the window and returned to the couch, flopping onto it and taking a chug of her cider. "If I remember right, that means I have a completely free day now. Time to watch some-"

    "-TV," Glory finished as she sat down beside Galaxy, making Galaxy remember that it was the other unicorn who had the remote.

    The other unicorn then proceeded to teleport the remote to who-knew-where. "Now that that's out of the way… Galaxy, darling, I'm really thinking you should go out to the United Countries building today. Your family is connected to the Crystal Empire, and today's the day it formally joins the U.C. It's a big occasion and-"

    Galaxy tuned her friend out and pulled another remote from between the couch cushions. She switched the TV back on and started flipping channels, only really paying half a mind to it. "Yeah, sorry, can't think about any of that, I'm too busy with all this superhero work. Gotta keep a gem eye out for… police reports and evil threats."

    Glory fell silent. Galaxy remained sitting and staring at the TV for a few seconds, resolutely flipping through the channels and sipping her drink. Then the silence behind her started to aggravate her. Then it unnerved her. Then, after half a minute, she began to worry. It wasn't like Glory to remain quiet like this when there was something that annoyed her going on. And if anything she had gotten even expressive of how she felt ever since Galaxy became Iron Mare. Worrying for her… sharing in the joy of her triumphs… supporting her whenever she faced setbacks, as few as those were…

    Galaxy knew what she had to do, and it was not something she liked doing.

    "Sigh… okay Glory, maybe I was… kind of out of line just a moment ago." Galaxy stood up and started turning around to look at her still-silent friend. "Listen, I'll do something important. They're cooking up some biological coolness downstairs we could-" She caught sight of Glory and stuttered to a stop. "…Glory? You all right?"

    Past the couch between them, Glory stood glaring at Galaxy. Her eyes were wet and shining with tears barely kept from falling, and the more Galaxy looked the easier she could see how the other unicorn trembled.

    "I thought you had changed, at first," said Glory, finally speaking. "After your injury, after your development of the Iron Mare armor and defeat of that changeling (As in Iron Mare's #1-2!), I thought you had really changed. Grown up. Learned some responsibility and selflessness. I thought that for as long as I could."


    "But," said Glory, going on over Galaxy, "it's gradually become clear to me that you, 'darling', are the exact same mare you were before you needed the armor. Still so thoughtless, self-centered, and LAZY."

    That last remark hurt Galaxy more than she thought it should have. She slammed her glass down on the coffee table and leapt over the couch to stand face to face with Glory. "That is not true at all, and I want you to take it back! I have helped Princesses Celestia and Luna devise new security measures against changeling incursion. I've happily volunteered my time putting down wars before they could escalate, helped in disaster relief, saved countless lives, not to mention use technology pioneered with the Iron Mare armor to save countless more!"

    Glory did not back down, to much frustration. "And for what, Galaxy? To stay in the news? To get to shine in the spotlight like you're… like you're some kind of savior or something?" She took a step forward, forcing Galaxy to step back. "All the while you continue on drinking and partying and going to bed with every half-attractive stallion or mare who smiles at you?"

    Galaxy needed something stronger than cider if she was going to take this. Stepping around Glory she made it halfway to the bar before the unicorn teleported in front of her. Galaxy glared at her for that. Glory knew she couldn't teleport. "Get out of the way, Belle. I save lives; I don't have to take this kind of thing from you."

    Glory stayed where she was and just stared at Galaxy with those holding-back-tears eyes. "And that's the thing. When you started this Iron Mare… crusade or what-have-you, you only wanted revenge on New Tambelon for breaking your back and taking your eyes. Now you just save lives so you don't have to take this kind of thing. And you keep on like you always did."

    Glory finished and looked expectantly at Galaxy. Galaxy, understanding that some kind of rebuttal or defense against these accusations was expected, found herself unable to give one. "I… I just…"

    "That's what I thought." Glory closed her eyes and turned for the door. Galaxy watched her go, then looked away again as the unicorn looked back. The tears were gone and her eyes were clear. "You know, you may call yourself Iron Mare, the news outlets may call you a hero, but I've kept my ears open, and the average pony in the club and in the office still calls you a Blank Flank. Think on that for a while."

    Then Glory left.

    Glory was gone.

    Galaxy stood and stared at the door until her legs grew tired, at which point she grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the bar and trudged back over to the couch. Her heart ached from the argument, her first such argument she'd ever had, and she could only think of drowning that ache out.

    Staring at the TV, Galaxy found it on the main news channel covering the Crystal Empire's induction into the United Countries. She took a deep swig from the bottle and decided that this would do while she wallowed in her thoughts. "She doesn't know what she's talking about… I've earned all this… not like there's anything wrong in… in…."


    The headquarters for the United Countries sat near the center of Manehattan, five blocks from the ArmEx Tower and five blocks closer to the ocean. It consisted of a number of buildings: the domed General Assembly building, the five hundred and five feet tall Secretariat Building, and the Dragon's Hoard Library being the main three, as well as the Conference and Visitors Center. All buildings were connected by underground tunnels wide enough to drive carts through, with several other tunnels branching off to allow delegates and heads of state a discreet exit if they so desired. The whole complex was one of Manehattan's proudest landmarks, having been built entirely by the city.

    At the moment when Galaxy turned her attention to the news, a flow of representatives from all the countries part of the UC were entering the General Assembly, ponies and gryphons and a wild assortment of other creatures. It took a momentous occasion to bring all the representatives together; the joining of the Crystal Empire with the UC. It had been five years since the last nation, the dragon empire, had joined.

    An earth pony stallion in a black suit, with a cream-colored coat, a dark brown mane and tail, and a cutie mark of an apple emblazoned with a gold Fleur de Lis watched the proceedings from beneath a shade tree, bright green eyes scanning the crowd as it filed into the building. Seeing nothing off, he raised his right hoof to his ear and activated the comm device there. "Director Oren, this is Agent Cameo, reporting in. Everything seems fine where I'm standing, nothing out of the ordinary. Well, nothing out of the ordinary for Manehattan."

    "Uncomfortable surrounded by so many non-ponies, Cameo?" asked the deep voice over the wireless earpiece.

    "Just a bit old-fashioned, sir." Cameo looked up from the crowd to the branches of the tree he stood under. An apple tree, Equestria's national fruit and a stinging reminder of home for Cameo. "Don't see very many of these types of people over in Gildedale, and only a bit more in Canterlot."

    Something that Cameo could have almost mistaken for a chuckle came over the line. "Homesick then. It happens to all of us, and you're due for a vacation. Two weeks leave after this assignment, soldier, but for now, proceed into the building. Hawkeye confirmed the arrival of the Crystal Empire's delegate several seconds ago, and we want an especially close watch on him."

    "Understood, Cameo out."

    Breaking contact, Cameo left the shade of the tree and walked the dozen or so steps to the General Assembly building, stopping at a side personnel entrance. He held his I.D. to the security card reader, and at the recognition click opened the door and stepped inside. He was careful to close the door behind him. Turning, he found himself in a service corridor, the kind used by the ponies that kept the building running, as well as for the kind of discreet delivery he specialized in. The place was empty at the moment.

    "Hmm. They must all be in more central locations for the meeting. Perhaps the cafeteria." Not paying it much mind, Cameo started down the corridor. Forward five yards and left turn. Two yards and a right turn through a set of double-doors into a storage area. Cameo spared a glance at the stacks of wood crates and cardboard boxes in the room as he walked through, his eyes trained for anything odd or out of place.

    He found it in a trio of thin metal canisters leaning against the far wall; the wall separating the storage room from the kitchens. There were no stickers or labels of any kind to tell what was in them.

    "Well well, what have we here?" Not an idiot, Cameo looked around the room again to make sure there were no enemies hidden in the corners waiting to hit him on the head when he wasn't paying attention, and then checked again. He then brought his hoof back up to his earpiece. "Director Oren, I have found three unidentified canisters in the storage room off the kitchens. Requesting assistance to secure the area."

    Oren was quick to respond, to Cameo's relief. "Roger that, sending Agent's Hawkeye and Daisy to your location. Stand by."

    "Will do." Cameo broke contact, sighed, and activated the electro-charge bands on his hooves with a click of them together.

    "You're going to wish you hadn't done that."

    Before the unseen speaker had even finished saying "going" Cameo was whirling around, forelegs thrown out to deliver two fifty-thousand volt punches. They didn't connect as Cameo's opponent ducked down. Then a flash of green magic, a slam to Cameo's gut, and the S.T.R.I.K.E. agent slumped against the wall with a groan. The world around him was growing dark.

    Before he lost all consciousness, Cameo looked up and saw himself looking down at grinning at him, eyes glowing an unnatural green. "No…"


    The UC's General Assembly room was filled to capacity. It was as mixed a crowd as the population of Manehattan in which the building stood, peoples as diverse as the antelope to the zebra represented. The circular room, five stories tall and forty feet around, directed the gaze of the members to the speaker's podium along one wall. Cameras lined the walls at a spacing of three feet. The three doors into the room, a main entrance across the room from the podium and two side entrances to the left and right, were well-guarded with half a dozen ponies each, not to mention whatever the delegates themselves brought along.

    And yet Oren, standing watch over the proceedings from a secure catwalk twelve feet above the main entrance, still felt uneasy about something. The white-furred diamond wolf paced back and forth on the catwalk and watched the crowds as they sat in their seats waiting for things to begin. Cameo's discovery of the mystery canisters troubled him. There was no telling what was in them or who had put them there. He'd ordered several agents of his to scour the building for any more, but that was a lot of ground to cover, and there was nothing he could truly do in any case until an actual threat appeared.

    The speaker for the UC, an aged pronghorn, too old to run messages from country to country like he once did, stepped up to the podium and began on a long-winded speech. Oren didn't bother to listen to it, having helped Old Niles Nigellus write it. Instead he searched the crowd for the Equestria representative. When he found her he stopped pacing, the old canine letting a smile work its way onto his face. Princess Luna was as beautiful as she ever was. How he was lucky enough to call himself her beloved Oren didn't know, but he thanked the stars every day for it.

    Nobody knew this, but Oren was not guarding over the UC that day. He was guarding Luna, and everyone else was just lucky to be nearby. If there ever came a choice, he would go to her aid every time.

    It was probably a good thing nobody knew this. And the pronghorn was still going on about peace and unity and trust in each other. Wow.

    Oren's earpiece buzzed. He tapped it with a finger. "Director Oren speaking."

    A soft, almost squeak of a voice came over the line. "Um, yes, Director? This is Agent Daisy, um, Agent Hawkeye and I are here where Cameo called in. We found the canisters, but, um… no Cameo. Sorry."

    That didn't sound good. Oren frowned and looked down at the crowd. They looked bored as the speaker neared finishing up. Oren didn't see anything suspicious. "Okay, you stay there and keep watch, Daisy. You and Hawkeye search the room for anything, absolutely anything, out of the ordinary. I'll keep an eye open for Cameo."

    A nervous gulp was clearly audible. "O-okay sir. D-Daisy out."

    "And now," said the pronghorn as Oren cut communication with his agents and refocused his attention, "joining our presence for the first time, let us all welcome the leader of the Crystal Empire, Lord Doctor Doom!"

    The general background noise of squeaking chairs, rustling papers, and other such sundry things disappeared as the main doors opened and an alicorn unlike any Oren or any of the UC delegates had ever seen strode in.

    Doom was tall, was the first thing to register. As tall as Princess Celestia, if not a bit taller, as well as heavily muscled throughout his whole body. He had a dark-grey coat, red eyes, and a pitch-black mane and tail left long and ragged. His barrel chest was puffed out, covered in a ceremonial silver cuirass, his neck protected by overlapping plates of steel, while legs like tree trunks moving him across the room at a walk faster than normal ponies could have done it running. He wore a thick green cloak and hood, the hood down at the moment to show off his heavy silver crown, spiked, rubies and sapphires gleaming in the light, contrasting with his red-tipped horn.

    The last feature anyone there noticed, but the most significant, was the thick gold boot on his left foreleg. Embedded in the boot were a green gem and a purple gem.

    Oren managed to tear his gaze off Doom and looked over at Luna. Luna was looking back at him, and the meaning behind the expression on her face was clear. ~I didn't know there were any other alicorns!~

    Doom took the podium. Those red eyes scanned the waiting delegates. Then he smiled. "I hope my name doesn't give anyone any bad ideas. My late mother, bless her heart, flipped a coin to decide."

    A rolling chuckle swept through the rows of delegates, while Oren quirked an eyebrow. He hadn't been expecting a sense of humor, weak as it was. From the corner of his eye he saw one of the side doors open and Cameo step discreetly into the room, not drawing any attention.

    Doom continued speaking after a moment, his voice deep and gravely. "I assure you all now, that will be the last joke from me. Serious matters call for serious attitudes, and no matters are more serious than those daily discussed in this very room. Matters of peace, and safety, and freedom for all peoples, be they pony, gryphon, dragon, antelope, or whatever else. This can only be accomplished to the fullest when we do it together, as a community."

    Oren activated his earpiece again. "Daisy, Hawkeye, report."


    Daisy stood in one of the corners of the storage room, so as to keep herself from getting snuck up on. She was a small mare, with teal eyes, a soft-pink coat, and sunny yellow mane and tail. Unlike the other agents under Oren, she wore no black suit. She didn't like them.

    Hearing Oren's call, she gulped. "Daisy here. H-Hawkeye's checking up on a lead after taking a sample from one of the canisters, and I'm staying g-guard near them. No sign of, um, Cameo yet, sir."


    "Don't worry about Cameo," said Oren, eyeing the figure down below again. "He just entered the assembly room and is watching Doom speak. I'll contact him, you just keep watch and wait for Hawkeye to get back."

    "For over a century, the Crystal Empire, under my family's rule, has stayed out of this community. My empire has sequestered itself away beyond its borders where, though it has flourished in power and prestige, it has also floundered in many other ways." Doom made a sweeping gesture with his gold-booted hoof. "But now, in this pressing age, as new threats to peace and friendship rise, I, Doom, choose to bring my empire forth in good fellowship."

    Something was wrong with this, Oren thought. Cameo was a good agent. Too good to just abandon something as important as those canisters to watch politicians. Switching recipients on his earpiece, Oren called for Cameo.

    "Come in Agent Cameo. Agent Cameo, please-"


    "-respond, over. This is your commander, Oren."

    Daisy stared at the grate to the cooling vents two feet from her, a feeling of dread beginning to rise inside her. She took a hesitant step toward the grate, looked around the room again and wished her partner Hawkeye would hurry up and get back, and then hurried over the rest of the way. "Oh no. No no no…"

    She found the grate to be barely screwed on. A few well-placed kicks sent the flimsy thing clattering to the floor. Daisy looked in and just barely stifled the gasp that rose to her lips at the sight of Cameo's unconscious body. Backing away quickly, she turned back to the room and fumbled for her earpiece. "D-Director, that's not Cameo!"

    "Oh Hawkeye, where'd you g-go…?"


    Galaxy woke up to the sound of pounding on the suite's door. For a moment everything was a blur and she couldn't remember where she was, but then Galaxy found herself still on the couch, the TV still on the events at the UC and an empty bottle on the floor near her. Her head was ringing. Or perhaps that was the pounding on the doors she had triple-sealed with her own personal security code.

    Glory Belle was still gone, and her words still hurt, though now Galaxy had a headache too.

    The banging on the door grew heavier and more frantic, accompanied by shouting Galaxy couldn't quite make out. She let out a groan and rolled to her hooves, before promptly falling face-first onto the floor. She groaned again and struggled to stand up again. That pounding was going to drive her crazy. "I'm coming, I'm coming… hehehe, coming…"

    After a moment of just standing there to make sure she wouldn't throw up or something, Galaxy started for the door with all the speed of a one-legged turtle. As she walked her magic went on autopilot, grabbing a glass from the sink and pouring herself a glass of water. The pounding on the door had stopped, so Galaxy assumed whoever was behind it had heard her.

    "Glory, if that's you… I'm fully prepared to accept your apology. We all said things…"

    She opened the door and saw it wasn't Glory Belle. It wasn't even a pony. It was a female hippogryph, her coat red and her feathers grey, a black bow and quiver full of arrows strapped to her back. The first hippogryph Galaxy had ever seen, in fact.

    "… who the heck are you?"

    "I'm Agent Hawkeye, of Special Tactical Response for International Key Emergencies." Hawkeye pushed her way into the room and made for the bar counter.

    Galaxy took a sip of water and watched her go, befuddled by the sudden turn of events but willing to see where it went. She closed the door and followed the strange creature. "What's STRIKE want with me? If this is about the Iron Mare armor-"

    "Not this time, ma'am," said Hawkeye. She set a metal briefcase on the counter and, facing it toward Galaxy, opened it. A faint neon-purple glow came from it. "Right now we need your brains."

    Shooting the hippogryph one last look, Galaxy chugged down the rest of her water and walked over to the briefcase and looked inside. The purple neon glow came from a glass vial of a pitch-black liquid, blacker than oil, blacker than any other known substance in the whole world. More potent a source of raw energy than anything, if properly harnessed. It was also one of the most infamous. Galaxy wasn't the kind of scientist who normally interacted with this sort of thing, and she still recognized the black substance, seeming at every moment to shift from liquid to a sort of solid light, almost immediately.

    "Agent Hawkeye… where…" Galaxy looked over, feeling more awake than she had since Glory walked out. "Where did you get your hooves on Dark Realm?"

    Hawkeye swore and hurriedly slammed the case shut. "I knew it! I just had a hunch about it! Dang it!" The scarlet archer grabbed the case and went for the door. "There's a good dozen canisters filled with this stuff over at the UC! That's enough to turn the whole building into a crater!"

    "Forget the building!" Sick body forgotten, Galaxy grabbed a thick purple and gold band from the couch with her magic, secured it onto her neck, and ran. Not for the door, but for the sliding screen in the window, opening it with a flicker of magic. She ran out onto the veranda, clear over to the edge, and looked down, calculating the distance to the ground, wind speed, and heaviness of pegasi traffic. "That's enough Dark Realm to level the city!"

    Hawkeye ran out onto the veranda to Galaxy. "Which is why we need to get to my car and get going!" The wind had picked up, whipping Galaxy's mane and tail about, and the hippogryph had to shout to be heard. "Stop sight-seeing and come on! What are you going to do, jump down!?"

    Galaxy turned to look at Hawkeye and grinned. Her gemstone eyes and color-coded necklace gleamed in the sunlight. "That's exactly what I'm going to do. Catch you at the UC!"

    And then, turning away from the dumbfounded look on the STRIKE agent's face, Galaxy put all the strength she could into her legs and leapt off the veranda.

    For a moment Galaxy's travel was horizontal, going perhaps five or six feet away from the building. Then came the sudden but expected shift as gravity took over. Galaxy hurtled down, the wind streaming her mane and tail back, forcing her to squint as the floors of the ArmEx building zoomed by at a break-neck pace. Startled shouts came from pegasi and gryphons she flew past.

    Then, halfway down the building, Galaxy activated the band around her neck. It crackled with energy as her magic-engineering marvel activated. A wave of blinding light swept over her falling body, and where it passed gold and purple plates of armor and computer systems materialized, called forth from the secure locker all the way back in Canterlot. Galaxy's vision came alive as holographic readouts of tracking sensors, health signs, and energy level overlaid her vision in the helmet.

    Then came the roar of repulsor rockets firing, halting the descent within seconds of hitting the pavement.

    Galaxy fell from the tower, but Iron Mare flew up it, giving the awed Hawkeye standing there on the veranda a cheerful wave before blasting off to the United Countries Headquarters.

    "Time for some heroics!"


    "-not Cameo! Who-whoever that is sir, it's n-not Cameo!"

    Only centuries of military and political experience kept Oren from swearing right then and there at Daisy's sudden panicked message. It should have been obvious right from the start.


    Oren told Daisy to get Cameo awake and then start evacuation procedures, and then gave discreet signals to the guards stationed at the doors, except the one "Cameo" stood near. The guards nodded in understanding and, slowly and very quietly, began escorting UC members out in ones and twos. At almost the same time, the disguised changeling left the door and started down the hall toward Doom, who was winding his speech down.

    "And so, in the coming months and year, I hope my Crystal Empire will be able to fully realize its place in the larger world. Thank you all!"

    The delegates stood and broke into applause. Under cover of the commotion the changeling broke into a run at Doom, his forelegs sparking with Cameo's electro-bands set to overcharge. Enough power to fry a normal pony's brain inside their skull three times over.

    Oren didn't wait to see if it would do anything to an alicorn like Doom. He leapt over the railing to the ground floor, causing the representatives around him to start in shock at his sudden appearance. Without pause the diamond wolf ran for the Cameo imposter, clearing the distance in nearly the blink of an eye and flooring him with one punch that cratered the floor beneath him.

    Doom flinched and the surrounding applause died away. The alicorn stared at Oren and the downed pony, a gasp running through the crowd as it changed back into a changeling. "What is the meaning of this!?"

    At the near-shout Oren looked over at Doom, back down at the changeling sprawled out on the ground, and then at the representatives his agents had yet to escort out of the building. "I am Prince Oren of the diamond dogs and Equestria. I am also in charge of security throughout the realm." He had to shout to be heard over the uneasy rumbling among the group, their panicking the last thing he wanted. "A situation has come to my attention, so will everyone please leave the building in a calm, orderly fashion."

    Princess Luna teleported from her seat in the upper row of the room, and reappeared in a flash between Oren and Doom, forcing the other alicorn to stumble back and glare at her. "Dearest, what sort of situation? That's not the protocol for a changeling attack. We need to activate the anti-spell fields and-"

    Oren stopped his wife's talking with a raised hand, and then beckoned her to lean closer so he could whisper in her ear. "There's a bigger threat then changelings, but I don't need these people panicking. Possible bombs."

    Luna's eyes widened. She stepped back and gave a nod.

    Oren nodded back. Then he turned back to the room at large, noting that the crowds were restless, many of the magically-inclined having already teleported away, but none of them were panicking. Yet, at least. He could work with that. "Please join up with your personal guards if they are in the room. My agents will escort you-"

    The assembly room's ceiling exploded, destroying it completely and showering the crowd below with rubble. Screams filled the air around Oren as the crowd panicked, terror spreading from one side of the room to the other.

    For Oren, instinct took over. He tackled a nearby zebra and antelope out of the way of a chunk of stone the size of a writing desk. From the corner of his eye the diamond dog saw Luna project a shield of magic over a third of the room, moments before a rain of glass shards ripped apart the bison, gryphons, and minotaurs there.

    Yet it was Doom who did more than all. Ignoring Luna's magic shield completely in favor of standing smack dab in the middle of the falling debris, the towering alicorn sent out more streams of black magic from his horn than Oren could count, each one snatching a piece of stone or metal or wood from the air before it could find its make its deadly landing in some unfortunate victim. Doom then drew the rubble over to an empty area of the room and dumbed it. All this while Doom continued grabbing rubble from the air; the power at work was phenomenal. And all the while, the UC representatives were streaming through the assembly room's exits.

    Oren allowed himself to hope for a moment that there would be no casualties, or even major injuries.

    But then, before anyone else could react, a beam of concentrated vibrating air shot down from the sky and hammered Doom five feet into the ruined floor. Oren shot his gaze to where the blast had come from, catching just a glimpse of a winged figure before another air blast hit him, sending him crashing into the floor as well. A third blast followed by a feminine cry, and Oren knew Luna was down as well.

    It wasn't anywhere near the worst hit the husband and wife had ever taken, but the blasts had been enough to keep them down long enough for what came next. Two winged figures, one in yellow and red, the other in black and red, flew down from the broken ceiling and landed between the stunned forms of Luna and Oren, staking a metal spear-like device into the podium's wood floor. The device let out a mechanical hum, its top domed with a crystal cube, flickering faintly with an inner blue light.

    Changeling forgotten, Oren staggered back to his feet, grabbed his revolver from his hip, and whirled to face the attackers. He recognized them both immediately. "Shocker, Vulture, surrender!"

    Shocker, real name unknown; he was a bitter gryphon military engineer who joined New Tambelon after the death of his sister at the hoof of a Gildedale pony. His padded armor resisted blunt force attacks, and his self-made gauntlets fired blasts of pressurized, vibrating air with the pull of a trigger. Vulture, real name Razor Cutter; the pegasus stallion was a former employee of Princess Galaxy's ArmEx Corporation and enemy of Spider-Mare up in Stalliongrad. His heavily armed and armored suit gave him razor wings and the tearing beak and talons of a gryphon.

    Both were known to be high in the ranks of New Tambelon and, if captured, would make Oren's job so much easier.

    The next moment Luna got back to her hooves and, horn charged with magic lightning, teleported to her husband's side. "HALT, FOUL VILLAINS!"

    The gryphon attacker paused in aiming his air blast gauntlets at the downed changeling, and instead looked at the alicorn. "Wow, you really talk like that? He didn't sound impressed or threatened at all by the presence of two of Equestria's royalty. If anything, Oren thought, he sounded annoyed. "I thought they just spiced up your speeches for the telly. Oh well, shows what I know."

    Oren growled and thumbed back the hammer of his revolver, aiming the weapon square at the armored gryphon's chest. "I said, surrender. I don't know what possessed you to attack a building filled with all the world's leaders and their security, but you can't gain anything by resisting now. It's over."

    Shocker… ignored Oren completely, instead shooting a glare that could whither flowers at the downed changeling, and then turning to the cyborg pegasus fiddling with the device speared into the podium. "That insect messed everything up. We were supposed to have access to the entire crowd's magic!"

    Luna's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean by that, villain?"

    Behind Shocker, Vulture cackled and rubbed the razor-tipped robotic fingers of his gauntlets together, the villainy in that laugh reflected in the cruel grin his helmet's beak was molded into. "It will be my pleasure to explain that to your inferior mind, Princess. You see, my associate and I were going to use this device here to harvest the magic of everyone in this room to activate the highly unstable Dark Realm within the building. Like so."

    Faster than Oren could pull the trigger or Luna could loose her magic, Vulture pressed a button on the side of the device. The machine sparked to life, panels on the sides opening and gold metal beams curving out into a circle around the cube-like top. The next moment two tendrils of blue energy shot from the cube, striking Oren in the chest and Luna on the horn.

    The effect of the machine was immediate, as Oren felt his magic draining away at a rate faster than he could compensate for. Fast enough to drain a normal being dry in seconds. His hand shook, and then slackened, letting the unfired revolver drop to the floor, and then the diamond wolf fell to his hands and knees, groaning. He tried to stand back up, but couldn't. From the corner of his one eye he saw Luna fall too, her mane and tail visibly losing their luster and ethereal flow.

    "What… what foul machine… is this?" Luna's words were strained, unfocused.

    "This," said Shocker, adjusting one of his gauntlets and then with a beat of his wings hovering around the two captured royalty, "is business. Our boss took a trip to some place called the Negative Zone, or something, and this machine will open a portal to let him back in." The gryphon landed beside the changeling Oren had taken down minutes before and scowled down at it. "We were supposed to have access to the entire U.C. assembly's magic, but like I said before, this insect messed all that up."

    Reaching down, Shocker grabbed the changeling by the neck and lifted it up one-handed. "Now we'll just have to hope there's enough energy in YOU!" With barely a grunt, Shocker tossed the changeling into the beam connecting Luna to the magic harvester. The insectoid creature convulsed once, and then shriveled up into a withered husk, collapsing into ash upon hitting the floor. The cube top of the machine took on a brighter blue glow, a cobalt halo growing around it as it absorbed the changeling's magic.

    Oren had no love for the changeling race, but the master diamond dog knew that was no way to go. He growled loud as he could at Shocker. "You… won't get…"

    "Away with this?" chimed in Vulture. "You royalty, you… 'better beings' would think that, wouldn't you? Think that you're untouchable?" The mutilated pegasus strode over to Oren, real expression hidden behind the grinning helmet, though the hatred inside his voice was all-too recognizable. "But remember, Prince of the diamond dogs, you ordered your men to evacuate everyone here. Couple that with the canisters of Dark Realm that should be releasing their contents right about… now, and there should be a full-scale evacuation of the area underway."

    A new sound began to be heard, like a roaring of waves against a beach. With some effort Oren craned his head up, and then watched in awe and horror as thick tendrils of purple-black Dark Realm flowed through the air from various entrances into the room, flowed toward the growing halo of blue energy around the magic harvester and merged with it, turning the light a deeper shade of blue.

    Shocker stretched and leaned against the near wall. "Face it, fools. You spend so much time and effort making it seem like you'll never need rescuing. So now, nobody's coming to save you."

    The eloquent rebuttal to this claim came in the form of a repulsor beam from the blasted-apart ceiling, slamming into Shocker from above and driving him through the floor to the basements beyond.

    Help had come.


    Iron Mare landed on all fours with a thud that shook the floor, sending Oren, Luna, and Vulture stumbling. She looked over at Luna, acting casual while the computers inside her helmet scanned the machine speared into the floor to figure out exactly what it was. "Hey, Auntie. That was one of the guys I need to beat up, right? I only just got here, and honestly I'm still a little drunk, so I'm a bit out of the loop."

    A scream of rage from behind made Galaxy turn away from Luna, turning around just in time to duck under a wild swipe of Vulture's claws. A headbutt sent the armored unicorn staggering back and left a shallow groove in her faceplate from Vulture's metal beak.

    "GALAXY! You ruined my life almost as much as that accursed Spider-Mare did! I'll kill you to death!"

    Galaxy wanted to ask her former employee Razor Cutter what in the seven rings of Tartarus he was yelling about, but she couldn't. She was too busy ducking, dodging, and weaving around his stabbing beak, slashing claws, and slicing wings. Whatever his blades were made of, they were strong and sharp enough to rend even her armor with enough force. And the armored pegasus had plenty of force to give.

    "Ma'am," chimed the dumb A.I. in Galaxy's armor's computer systems, "analysis of the device is complete. It is some sort of machine designed to immobilize and drain the magic from living beings. If it is not stopped soon, Luna and Oren will not survive."

    Galaxy groaned. "Great news, Ultron. Because time limits make everything better."
Sending Vulture reeling back with a swift kick to the jaw, Galaxy turned and aimed her fore hooves at the device, repulsors humming to life to blast it to pieces.

    Right as she fired, Shocker flew in from the side and hit her with two sonic blasts, sending her repulsor beams off. Before Galaxy could recover Vulture swooped in, raking his bladed wing tips at her. She ducked beneath them a hair too slow, leaving a shallow gouge spurting sparks across her armored neck.

    "Gah! Ultron, plot a targeting vec-"

    Another sonic blast cratered Galaxy into a wall. For a split-second everything went black for Galaxy. When the world came back she saw both Shocker and Vulture charging at her. Past them she could see a swirling portal start to form above the magic-draining device.

    She groaned. "One of those days…"


    Oren watched the portal to… somewhere, open, and then looked to where his wife of nearly two centuries struggled to stand and face it. He caught her eyes, saw the fear in them, saw the growing portal reflected in them. A thousand thoughts ran through the great diamond dog's mind as he gathered up all his inner magic, every ounce that the infernal machine hadn't drained away yet. It was a simple choice… no, it wasn't even a choice.
Oren saw the fear in his wife's eyes change a little.

    "Or… Oren," said Luna, struggling to get the words out. "What… what are you doing? You need that magic!"

    Oren's heart ached as he continued pooling his magic. He grit his teeth as he felt his muscles tearing from the pressure, his bones shaking, his blood starting to boil as he pulled out more and more magic, converting it into a single spell. Oren let the tears fall from his one good eye as he realized that he would never see his son again. But she would. That was the only thing that mattered to him. She would live.

    "Oren, stop!" Luna somehow climbed to her hooves and took a shaking step toward him. The tears flowed freely from her eyes. "Please, don't do it! Please!"

    Oren found the strength to smile and reach out a hand to cup Luna's cheek. He would touch her one last time. From the corner of his eye he could see a dragonic figure appearing through the swirling blue portal, and knew his time was short.

    "My Princess of the Moon," said Oren, pushing the last of his magic into that one spell and casting it. "My Luna. I love you."

    A blinding flash and Luna was gone. Teleported out of the building, out of the city, all the way back to Canterlot and her sister; to safety.

    Oren had a moment to smile at his success, before a tremor ran through his body. He doubled over, clutching at his heart as he felt it give out. No magic to keep it running. No magic to keep anything running.

    "It… was worth it…"

    There was no pain, only numbness. Oren watched as his snow-white fur turned an ashen grey, and then turned to a fine powder and gathered on the floor. Then Oren saw the rest of his body turn grey, the color leaching from it like his magic had been. His skin began to wither. His limbs creaked like wood ready to break as he turned and looked at Galaxy, Shocker, and Vulture; their fight paused for the moment as they watched him die.

    Then came the final moment. Oren just felt his body begin to collapse, before the darkness took him.


    Galaxy stared at the shoulder-high pile of grey dust that, just minutes before, had been her living, breathing ally. The closest thing she'd had to a father figure in years. The reason she was still alive that day. And he was now dead, drained dry. The only thing that kept her from crying was the quickly-satisfied urge to slam a repulsor-charged hoof into Vulture's face when the pegasus began to laugh. And then one into Shocker's face for good measure.

    "Well well, this isn't quite what I expected to find when I came back. I like it, though."

    Galaxy spun to where the portal was, repulsors charged to fire. That is, where the portal had been. Distracted by Oren's disintegration, Galaxy hadn't even noticed the portal collapsing from lack of magic sustaining it. In the portal's place stood a male dragon, slimly built and as tall as Luna, his scales red like fire and his eyes the deepest blue. On his head the dragon wore something between a helmet and a crown, gold-colored like his eyes, two metallic ram horns spiraling from the top of it. Red hair-like spines stuck out from the back of the helm. In his right hand he held a bladed gold scepter, a yellow gem set just behind the blade glowing.

    Galaxy eyed him warily, unsure of who he was and what he could do. Keeping him in sight, she started circling him. "And you are…?"

    The dragon chuckled, gold eyes glancing away from Galaxy a moment to where she had sent Vulture and Shocker flying into the wall. Then they were back on her. "I am Loki, of Tambelon." His voice was smooth and silky, like oil. "And I am burdened with glorious purpose."

    "New Tambelon?" Galaxy stopped circling, a sneer coming to her marred lips behind her mask, her facial scars aching with rage. Yet her anger was kept in check by something else; recognition. "Loki… no, Loki! Son of Spike! Magical prodigy; youngest graduate of the magic academy since Twilight Sparkle; creator of the second Magicahedron; the only person to ever turn down an offer of mentorship from Princess Celestia!"

    The dragon grinned, stepping off the raised platform and walking to where Galaxy's two downed opponents lay. "It's good to know my achievements, few as they are, have not been forgotten. Though what I have kept secret from the world outshines them all."

    Loki stopped beside Vulture and Shocker. His smirk widened, showing off his shark-like teeth. "I have wanted to meet the legendary Iron Mare for quite a while."

    "Yeah, well, here's my autograph." Galaxy fired two repulsor blasts at full strength the dragon.

    Loki deflected both with his scepter, and then turned and enveloped his compatriots in a stream of flame, teleporting them away to Galaxy knew not. "I'm sorry, the autographs will have to wait until later. We'll be seeing each other again, trust me."

    Galaxy fired again, but too late. The beams passed harmlessly through the flames where the dragon had stood, blasting apart the wall behind it. He had gotten away scot-free.

    Galaxy didn't know how long she stood there, staring at Oren's ashes, before ponies began swarming into the room. Agents of STRIKE, she guessed, based on their suits. There were ponies in heavier armor as well, soldiers of the Princesses. They would probably be there shortly, and Galaxy would need to make a decision.

    Hawkeye landed beside Galaxy, the hippogryph looking around at all of the destruction. "What happened here?"

    Galaxy could only think of one answer. "The start of a war."
Here it is! The long-heralded, long-awaited culmination of Iron Mare, Lancer, and so many other short stories!

The Crusaders!

Edit: I touched up Doctor Doom's features after a... certain season premier was watched.

Edit: by the way, the awesome cover art was done by the most awesome [link] who was nice enough to let me use it. Go check him out!
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Vision: The opening chapter of the story proper is much like the source material. We have Galaxy at the same loose end Stark was, we have the villains making a big power play that shows that they mean business and we have a main character down all in one serving.

Originality: Just as the previous sagas blended Tolkien and Doctor Who with MLP fairly seamlessly, this new story meshes the world of Equestria with that of King Kirby and Smilin' Stan Lee as if they were meant to be together all along.

Technique: Describing how the characters react to the situation they find themselves in helps us to understand why they have to win. It's easier to want relateable people with real problems to succeed than it is a band of Sues.

Impact: While Oren did go out the way he probably wanted to, it's still kinda sucks having to avenge him. That being said, I look forward to the jerks joining him in the Dreaming.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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Well, well,'ve managed to combine both The Avengers film and the Avengers tv show quite well.

Okay, break down time:

Galaxy: So, it seems she's just as vain and lazy as before? GOOD. That means there's tons of room for that wonderful thing known as character development.

Quick note: "any half-good looking Stallion or even Mare that came along"? Wow. She really needs to solve that little problem.

Glory: Again, great work, wish we had more of her though. But the little we've had so far is quite good.

Orien: NO! NOT ORIEN! HE GOT BORMIRED! (An awesome character who dies for a noble cause)

Loki: All I have to say is :iconlokidplz::icontomhiddlestonplz:

So, once again, great work. I can't wait for Chapter two!

I do wonder though, does Loki's staff still do that mind control thing? Cause if he mind controlled Galaxy that would be unbelievably awesome. In that evil villain sort of way.


This is just me, but I do feel it moves a little fast, but then again, this is only Chapter One.

Keep up the good work.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 2 deviants thought this was fair.

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